I have discovered the solution to all self respecting coffee lovers’ sojourns in the United States of Terror… don’t go near espresso. It is all about filter coffee. If you learn to love it, and learn to make it correctly (read: strong, but not bitter – i.e. don’t leave it in a warmer to burn for nineteen hours) and to realise that what you are drinking is NOT ACTUALLY COFFEE BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION, you’ll be fine.

And in related thoughts, I have pondered much the vast gulf that exists between the quality of coffee available in this country and the REST OF THE WORLD. I don’t refer to the poor handling of the product once it reaches the shores of the “blessed land”, but rather the beans themselves. I mean really, if one is able to quite happily enjoy plunger (read: cafetiere [for the British lovers of appropriating French terms], or French Press [for the more practical, yet slightly stoopider Nth. American contingent]) coffee at home at home, surely one ought to be able to just by good coffee beans in the UST and make do thus. But… wait for it… NO!!!! You can’t get (really) good coffee beans here… really. I have come to the only logical conclusion, that all the world’s coffee growers are so appalled by the poor treatment their beautiful beans receive at the hands of the denizens of North America’s caffeine trade, that they ship all the quality elsewhere, and send the crud that is left this way…



~ by Gethin A. Lynes on September 5th, 2007.

One Response to “(re)Caffeinated”

  1. Mate, your coffee woes do indeed make me despair. My poor dear Gethin. But you know what (his ears prick), I had no damn idea that you had a blog, poxy secretive bastard, but just yesterday I was thinking that you should.

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