A Delicate Little Balance

(The line of dead-end jobs). Work = boredom. But nevertheless usually a good precursor to a good gig. Then you find your “buddy” who is meeting you later for the show, is a fucking piker. Now one is faced with four hours post-work to spend on their own, wondering how to stay motivated for the show, without getting: A) Too trashed. B) Asleep.

Not that seeing a gig solo is a bad thing. Not having to listen to someone trying to make conversation while Helmet scream at you at 150,000 decibels, isn’t really a bummer I guess. But really, now I have to trying to occupy my brain with myself. And here is where the boredom of a day at work kicks in.

I guess I’ll just have another beer, and forget about the fact that my brothers are all across the pond at this point.

Fuck, what a load of tripe. I’d say sorry if you forced yourself to read all this crapola, but I’m not gonna.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on September 27th, 2007.

One Response to “A Delicate Little Balance”

  1. Mate, that sucks. You should draw and quarter the fucker. A four hour wait for a gig and your company pikes. Shit. Hope the gig was great. peace

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