Aaaaaaah hahahahahahahahahaha!

God damn it feels good to have a whinge once in a while. Or perhaps that’s just the beer I just drank having it’s divine effect upon my state of being…

And back I come to not treating myself well. Should I divulge my anguish to myself and try to sift though the shite, emptying myself of years of built up depressions, until now hidden beneath my intoxication?

Or should I pour another pint,

and have a smile for a while,

a grin at my foolish whims,

and when it all wears off,

then alone and lonely doff,

my hat to the help the drugs have given,

the ease with which through life I’ve ridden,

and then at the end a cry,

for all the good long years I’ve wasted,

playing childish games and paying no attention,

to the path upon which I tread?


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on October 4th, 2007.

One Response to “Aaaaaaah hahahahahahahahahaha!”

  1. mate, when i try to say that you might be getting a little grumpy, you almost kill me. well now, it looks as though your gruminess is not so much a mood as a deep dark hole that is swallowing you ever further!!! Well I will offer my help once more, dude you sure you alright??

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