Somewhere along the great way I came across the suggestion that critics… film… literary… whatever… are really creative people who are too blocked, or gutless to actually do what they love themselves. Interesting I thought at the time given, for instance, the number of film reviews that tend to rip a film to shreds – I mean really, who the fuck would analyse Spiderman 3 (an absolute crock by the way) on an intellectual level… other than someone who really thought they could do a better job… and should therefore be out there doing a better job, rather than sitting on their critical little rear end and cutting down someone else’s effort.

Dinnae get me wrong like, I am all for burying a worthless waste of celluloid beneath a mountain of scorn, only do it on the same playing field the subject of the rant is playing on.

At any rate, I find myself finally getting around to DBC Pierre’s “Vernon God Little”. Hmmm…. Don’t know really. But I am continuously critiquing every little sentence, and whilst I know my criticisms are more than valid (I really don’t know about this one… or how the fuck it managed to usurp itself a Booker prize), I can’t help but wondering if I shouldn’t be writing a better one, if I know so fucking much…

Perhaps I am just as much the arrogant little shit the DBC (and his stupid fucking name) is.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on January 27th, 2008.

One Response to “Nomenclature”

  1. I had a similar experience with Vernon. Could never quite make up my mind. In the end (and this was a fair while ago) I think it was all meant to be a bit of a joke, a bit like a shaggy dog story, and as such I quite liked it, it think. Damn, never could quite make my mind up about that book.

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