Revolving on Resolve…

Pursuant to my last entry, here I am again, blogging.

It’s not that I don’t have the desire to write more or, for that matter, have good ideas. But for some reason, when I sit to put it into something more than the barest sketch of a story, the outline of a plot, or the image that has been stark in my mind for the last few hours/days/months, then I hit that same old wall.

Perhaps I read to much into these things. I am getting better at sitting in front of the computer and actually writing, even though of late I have spent lot’s of time rewriting, or rereading rather than getting anywhere. Maybe this is the way forward for now. I am actually getting in some time, and perhaps eventually it will turn into something more prolific and more fun.


Tangentially, I wonder if these little bits of aggravation, frustrations, and self doubts will still be stored out there in the great nothing I’m putting them into when I am a rich and famous writer… or at least published and comfortably well off… or at least published… And if so, will anyone take any more interest in them than they do now (which is marginal at best)?


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on March 16th, 2008.

One Response to “Revolving on Resolve…”

  1. Mate, you know I thinks those Americans were definately a test. Because when you are really absorbed in what you are doing, I find that it does not matter what is going on around you. In fact if what you are doing is creative then background ephemera only adds to the sense of adventure. So come on. Damn man, apparently you have many ideas, plots and shit. That’s the hard stuff. Whenever i sit down to write, i write a couple of pages and then think, ‘Damn, now I need to know where to go with this, bugger.’ Also nothing wrong with the blogging, it is always better to write than not to, particularly as you are sharing it with unknown people.
    Been reading lots huh? Well then add them to your facebook profile, go on, I’m curious. The visual bookshelf app (whih you have) is easy enough.
    Also one last thing, in both this blog and the last one there is one instance in each of your using ‘to’ rather than ‘too’. Pick it up boy.

    love ya

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