I carry within myself the thoughts of the universe, the feelings of the world, my mind spinning across the far reaches of space, my bones colliding with the stone foundations of the earth. I have all that is needed to ascend to godhood. I am the galactic cyclist, the rippling abs of the universe, the world puddle into which eternity is pissing.

Here, I am all that there is to be. I have gone and no more am I remembered. In the emptiness of my soul swim the tales of creation, the words of knowledge, and the tears of great loss. There is nought that can be thought that I have not within me. There is nothing that has not been done, to which I have not borne witness.

I know myself, and thus I know all of you like the gristle that softens the crunching of my bones, one against another. And when you have sucked all my marrow with your great need and desires, you will have but yourselves left on which to chew.

Think on that and seek to understand all that has gone before, and from this grim mastication shall we all give rest to our fears, our hatred and our desires for what we have no need of.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on June 25th, 2008.

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