The Summation of Existence…

Thoughts for today/yesterday/any bloody day for that matter:

  • Drinking good.
  • Drinking not so good.
  • Drinking no fucking good for me.
  • Desire to change existence leads to power of will.
  • Drinking leads to lack thereof.
  • I am emotional five-year-old.
  • I am 31-year-old boy.
  • Intelligence does not = wisdom.
  • Wisdom does not = self awareness.
  • Self awareness does not = self control.
  • Love does not = happiness.
  • Love = Work = Fucking Hard Work = Reflection = Happiness = Maybe.

In the vast blackness of the Universe, of the multiverse, there is a shining point of light that is the collective brilliance of all souls. Looking at that point of light hurts, blinds, and makes one want to look anywhere else. That brilliant little point of white, is made up of all possible colours. The great black of all else is the absence of any colour. Hence when one stops looking at that point of light, one looks upon nothing. Unfortunately if one continues to look upon that point of light, one is blinded by one’s own brilliance (mixed up with that of every “one” else), and thus sees nothing.

So if we don’t look at ourselves, we see nothing. If we look too long upon ourselves we see nothing. Therefore are we nothing? We are the same as everything else. Everything is nothing.


I think I ought to stick to ranting about the stupidity of humanity. It is a much safer, and more solid topic for reflecting upon… But then, if I spend too long on that, I am going to end up deciding I am part of humanity, and therefore fucking stupid… Oh, wait, I already did. Bummer.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on June 29th, 2008.

One Response to “The Summation of Existence…”

  1. Maate,

    regarding your last three posts. Go Jimmy!!!!

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