Muscles, talent, work, and dirty Brad Pitt

I come to realise (again?) that talent doesn’t mean a god-damned thing.

Oh no, spout forth the music the enraptures generations, kindles inspiration decades, nay centuries on. vomit out words, scrawl them on paper, in stone, etch them in panes of glass, so beautiful, haunting, poignant that they become the centre of lives, bring enlightenment, tears, outrage, joy, worship.

They will mean nothing, all of them, without the will and discipline to turn it from moments of exquisite emotional realisation, times of inspiration and freedom in which the stories of the next era of art are born, into a cold, hard sell.

Without the burn, the fire, the great desire, without audacity, confidence, arrogance even, without the utmost humility, without selling yourself… meaningless.

Hold. There is no talk (necessarily) of slapping a dollar value on the work, upon our soul, but of making something, somewhere, somewhen, someone (yourself), understand that they want, need what you have got, what you, alone, can provide.

I can give what no other can, though on the surface it remains (necessarily) as predictable, similar, recognisable, as all else, as ever.

Oh yes, I am well aware of the requirements of conformity. If you cannot recognise what I have for you, what it will give, what it will take away, then you shall not know how you need it…

And you do…

As do I…

And that is the necessity, this knowing that without the ceaseless flow of words, of pain, reflection, brilliance, understanding, and fucking hard work, all the bloody time, all will become shrivelled, embittered, lifeless.

Now, I know I need it, want it, you want it, everyone bloody well wants it. All that remains is the discipline, work, to go and get it…

But… I have a personal trainer, oh yes, and soon I will get back my fuck muscles… you know the just-above-the-groin-dirty-Brad-Pitt ones… and armed with that… well… the world is mine. Ah yeah!


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on July 31st, 2008.

2 Responses to “Muscles, talent, work, and dirty Brad Pitt”

  1. Just five more reps. you can do it.

  2. […] after all, a victim of the spurious hegemonic notion that if you don’t have a physique like Dirty Brad Pitt, well, you just ain’t a […]

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