It is so easy to justify, I feel compelled to mention, this form of procrastination, by couching it as a warm up exercise. Which I suppose in some way it is, in as far as it gets my fingers moving over the keys and allows for a flow of words to begin moving through the sluggishness of my Sunday afternoon cranial cavity.

But on the other side of the reality coin, its clearly just an excuse to listen the “sound” of my own voice. Not that this is necessarily without merit. I have just reread my little postal workers rant, and I sheepishly admit to being rather amused by myself. Not that this will come as a surprise to anyone who has spent more than about three and half minutes in my presence anytime in the last fifteen years – which is about as long as I am aware of being self aware enough to be aware of how amusing I find myself.

God what a crock… but I’m still amused by it nonetheless – which of course may be part of my problem – or maybe its an indication of genius. Not that I am suggesting I am comically very clever, by the way, but then isn’t confidence, arrogance, audacity what make an artist? Well no, perhaps not. There are certainly a number of artists out there who are miserable little fucks, wallowing in there inability to believe in themselves, there hatred or mistrust of the world and its inhabitants, blah, blah, blah. But you see those people who are out there under the scrutinous gaze of the universe, and getting paid for it – and they’re there ’cause they got the balls to be there, to say I got what you want. etc, etc.

Now that I stop for a moment to think about it, I think I have said precisely that: I do got what all you out there want. But given that most of the time I be too bloody busy fitting into the woe is me category, well, what fucking difference it make huh?

Anyway, now that a few words have come out, and the bunch of loud-mouth-messy-motherfuckers at the table next to me have pissed off, well, I guess I might as well get on with the real work…


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on September 28th, 2008.

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