D is for…

Deplorable. Despicable. Dereliction of Duty. Dastardly. Dickhead…

So, here it is at last, the culmination of the long stint in the Hell commonly known as Real Foods. I find myself in a state of shock, a heady mixture of relief, nerves, indignation, and oh-so-righteous rage. For the longest time I have realised that I work for Mr “D is for…”

I have watched, with many a shake of the head, Michael Grimm Foxen abuse, intimidate, insult, and embarrass his staff. Until relatively recently I have, sadly enough, turned a blind eye. Let’s face it, it’s all too easy to ignore injustices when you aren’t feeling the brunt of them right?

Well, despite having sent an admonishing email a while ago, asking Mr D. to refrain from verbally abusing me, to stop treating me in an aggressive, threatening fashion (all very even and professional of course), it seems that criticism of such abuse, now extending to physical harassment as well, is just not the done thing at Real Foods.

Despite being insulted in front of other staff, rubbed in the manky, Legionnaires disease-ridden sweat of afore mentioned Managing Director*, insulted further, and intimidated, it would appear that lodging official (by-the-fucking-book) complaints about such treatment is worthy only of being summarily fired – on the spot, do not pass go, do not collect your shopping, get the fuck out of our building and do not come back! No thank you very much for visiting.

And while, I am sitting in the place of optimistic acceptance of the fact that all things happen for a reason, and this is a good kick in the arse to go and get myself a job working for actual human beings, I feel immensely cheated.

Said abusive MD (let’s just go back to D. for short huh?), not only fires me for standing up to physical and verbal abuse, the sorry little cunt (I am tempted to be all even and superior and say he’s lonely, and sad, and insecure – on top of being aggressive, abusive and (allegedly) heavily into organic, fair trade cocaine – but really a sorry little cunt pretty much says it all. Kind of like John Howard, only worse). Anyway, not only does he give me the boot, but the SLC doesn’t even have the minimals to come in and say it to my face. He has the ED do it for him – a man so thoroughly remeniscent of the blank stoicism, and enfuriating arrogance and superiority of US Immigration Officers it makes a person sick.

I have been deprived of the basic human right of being able to tell an arsehole who needs to hear it exactly how pathetic they really are.

Perhaps The Metro would be interested in a front page spread about the “ethical”** nature of shopping at Real Foods.

* Note: The only fucking Small Business on the planet to have a Managing Director, Executive Director, General Manager, Financial Controller, Personnel Manager… The Forune Five Hundred of the organic Chick Pea trade… what a bunch of fucking wankers.

** Note: Real Foods official marketing all bears the “ethical shopping” misnomer.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on December 31st, 2008.

2 Responses to “D is for…”

  1. Fuck the cunts!!

    love ya mate.

  2. Jeez, what a wanker. Good luck with the legal action!

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