A Lamentable Little Diary…

An ambiguous title to be sure, if only by virtue of the fact that who can know if it refers to this here ‘blog, putting up with the sound of my own voice, or the one to which I am herein attempting to draw attention – albeit the meagre attention that this lamentable little rant receives.

Tangentially, though, I have been surprised recently at the amount of traffic it has in fact gotten. I suspect, however, that there is something in there that draws the attention of some undiscerning search engine, and surfers get sucked in unknowingly… as opposed to there actually being any (or very much) genuine interest in the rants of a decidedly undisciplined, and hence unpublished, writer of unseen fiction of dubious quality.

Which brings me to back the actual point of this post – apart from the underlying motivation of shamelessly publicising oneself – the new ‘blog: Looking For Lacan: A Diary of Lament.

An interesting title you might wonder, and you might well be right, being that it abounds with references obscure and not quite so obscure. At any rate, I have, in yet another fit of poaching someone else’s (dubiously) good ideas, decided to begin a diary of the process of trying to write my fucking novel – that has been virtually untouched for the past five years – occasionally with good reason, frequently without. Hence, the references.

Lament is pretty fucking obvious, or will be if you make it to the site (see Word links over there >). Lacan, and the looking for him, well that is the obscure one. Who knows, perhaps I might even get it myself one day…


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on January 19th, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Lamentable Little Diary…”

  1. I actually quite enjoy reading the rants…angry people amuse me. Possibly not the response you were after, but I’m gonna keep readig anyway! And after the shameless publicising I’ll also check out your other blog


  2. Ya just gotta do it more often lad. 😉

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