There is something slightly wrong here. Perhaps it is just another case of over caffeination, or perhaps it is trendoid cafes with trendoid borderline Starfucks music and free wi-fi, or then again, perhaps it is all of the above coupled with the fact that I just don’t fit in, in my little non-Mac, Microsoft universe. Whatever it is, my brain ain’t functioning right. Normally that would be fine – it’d want to be given that normally, that’s normal – but well, I am here with things to do. No, no really I am. I had a plan. I am here to write, right? But in my current scattered line of sight, it’s struggle enough to make anything coherent, let alone poetic, and gods forbid, a contribution to the world of literature.

A shame, I know. But, hey, if I had a Macbook Pro, well I could write anything, anytime, because I would fit in so well with the world, that this average coffee, and shite music, and general cacophony of heinous crimes against humanity (read: real humans, not the plastic variety that sit in this here cafe, sipping grande lattes, and making use of the free tinternet on their beautiful tommy tooters)… um… think I ought to stop now… 

I’m going to go and do something worthwhile.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on April 6th, 2009.

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