Square eyes?

Try a square fucking brain… I have been at this bloody machine – playing “I’m a web designer” for the last… fuck… 7hrs. I’m getting there… early stages really… but I do feel like I am making some progress – which is perhaps more than I can say for the other areas of my life recently… given that I have not done anything at all, AT ALL, with html before the last 48 hours… and CSS – which has been a whole, what, 4hrs now… I’m quite impressed with myself…

Ridiculous. On that note I am off to bed – to avoid sleeping some more by reading ULTIMATUM… ah the destruction of the world as we… or somebody at least… knows it. Praise the Lord for geeks… without them, where would the world of comics be?

Back in the fucking fifties, and full of good, clean, vomitous propaganda…

Oh… didn’t I say I was off to bed? Yeah, well bugger off then and let me lie down…


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on May 6th, 2009.

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