Wiggey Wiggey…

Run of the mill, over the hill, predictable, how do you feel, like nothing changes? No, it comes in stages, it all depends on the way you choose, the things you move, and now I’m beginning to feel the groove. Or so I thought, but all I’ve managed in the last few days is a run, or two, and an endless parade of fucking about, disorganised, too many things at once is the cry, the same old shout, the same old crock of shit…

Evidenced by the same old nonsense in here… well, maybe. I am beginning to realise, though, that this whole “stop being a 30 year old boy, and get your life together, get your head together, wake up to yourself son” thing takes a little more than just diving in headlong and trying to do everything at once… and have it done immediately…

Admirable attempt, no doubt, but… after the first couple of days – of being up early, and actually getting awhole lot of stuff done… writing a few paragraphs… learning some new tricks… etc etc – well, then it all goes a bit pear-shaped, because who can spend 10+hrs a day in front of a fucking computer and not go insane? Not me, despite the fact I do like the little buggers…

I am not exactly sure where this leaves me… I have vague notions of prioritisation, organisation, concentration being sucked into the singularity between my ears… but, well, they be pretty alien concepts to me when it comes down to it, so I am not too sure what to do with them…


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on May 8th, 2009.

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