I am filled with this jittery need to fuck something up. I am scouting about for some metaphorical lettuce into which I can dig my thumbs. The inside of my head is like a pool of bubbling volcanic mud, mesmerising, yet too uncomfortable to get into. Maybe I should go for a run, and burn off this excess fire in my mind. But that smacks of effort. I’d rather sit here and spew forth my usual bullshit into cyber-space… ending up with this black little heart that I can use as an excuse to pillage, loot and rape my way through the world of other people’s ideas and hard work…

Yes, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s all just fucking plagiarism ain’t it? Even half my original bloody ideas are someone else’s… what the fuck this has to do with whether or not I should go for a run I don’t know, but hey, once you got a rhythm, go with it right?… I remember once beginning to write this story… actually I believe it was the opening couple of panels/paragraphs of a graphic novel or maybe a comics series or something… anyway, I thought it was pretty bloody good… then at some later point (when, typically I had neither finished, nor done anything with said piece of writing) I thought I would give Robert Jordan’s wheel of time series a go… don’t even get me started on that mother fucker!… actually I will say this about him – and I know it’s harsh – but I think it’s fitting the prick hopped the twig before he ever finished the bloody series – I mean by book four, which he spent half of telling me what he’d already told me in books 1-3, I had realised once and for all, that he SUCKS!!! talk about drawing something out for the commercial value… fuck off!!! So, if you’re so stupid that keep feeding his funds and confirming for him that selling his soul for a buck is worthwhile, then you deserve to miss out on the end of his bloody story…

Aaaanywaaaay… the point was, I think, if I can remember that far back… that the whole beginning to my little story was (scarily) close to how RJ started off his books. Not only was it clearly not as original as I thought, but FUCK!, it was a rip off of a mediocre (at best) talent… aaaah, sob, sob, what the fuck does that say about me/my talent…

I think now, I will go and join the ranks of those who desperately want a career as an artiste, but don’t have the balls, and so spend their lives slagging off other people’s work, that they could do a better job of… I am going to become a literature critic… 





~ by Gethin A. Lynes on May 17th, 2009.

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