These machines, these Tommy Tooters and their t’internet, they’re so bloody insidious. Oh, oh here he goes again, blah blah blah. Yeah I know I’ve said it before, but for fuck’s sake, I have just wasted and hour and a half “organising” my bloody emails. So I think I have the fucking right to have another whinge about it…

It all started out innocently enough, trying to collate a few emails relating to my impending (or not… remains to be seen) citizenship application. Then all of a sudden, I am adding labels, and deleting, and trying to wade through four and a half thousand of the little fuckers.

And, after that, not only am I having trouble seeing straight, but Jesus! I can’t even remember what I came in here to do. Aaaaaah they suck out your brain, and I can feel an entire summer just slipping away, and leaving me with not a fucking thing to show for it. God Damn it, does this have to happen every fucking time?


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on May 21st, 2009.

One Response to “F.F.S.”

  1. Mate, how many thousand! Jesus H. Christ. That’s appalling. Really. Quite. Appalling. I mean every so often I’ve managed to get to a coupla hundch. But damn. Damn boy…. That’s like some sort of penance. Actually, if you haven’t thought of it, you should start by making a folder simply called ‘pre-May 2009’. And then sorta just start again. Ya know.

    And another thingk! Regarding your last few posts mate. Stick it boy, come on. You seem to have actually started to get it out. So the fuck what if you sometimes have ideas that have been thought by some creep before. So. What. Get over it, it’s always gonna happen. To many of the best and all of the worst. If at the moment what’s coming out is not what you want, keep it coming. And I know you know that. You’ve really started to get something happening of late, and you know, everything you’ve ever given me to read has at the very least shown genuine promise and at its best has been damn engaging.
    And in regards to growing a pair, the pair you need, is to realise that you’re not being self indulgent spewing forth the way you have. There’s nothing wrong with getting on a tangent and going with it. You always seem to pull yourself up just as you start to get interesting, suggesting that you’ve bored all and sundry enough already and it’s time to stop the pain. Well stop it. It’s not as though you hold back on the self criticism, so your not too shy really. What you’ve got to say, and tell, has merit and matters simply because it does. Anyway, there’s a whole lot more where that came from, but I’ve sorta lost me flow, and I reckon you get the point and I won’t bore you with carrying on anymore. ;-}

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