Well, I have to say that this is… wow I don’t know what this is… perhaps apart from a perfect representation of exactly how misleading, misrepresentative, or perhaps just plain silly blogging is.

Now, if I go and write in my journal, as in the one that I have painstakingly crafted from hand-sewn recycled paper and leather (yes folks I do have talents that go beyond fiction and ranting – who’d of thunk it huh?) – anyway, the point was that if I go and write in my journal it might come out as a cry, it might come out as a rant, a whinge, a smile, a scream, or a drool. The next minute, having expunged my emotions, there I am, back to “normal” (whatever that is).

Ok, now as much as I am flattered by the fact that people out there that I don’t know, and haven’t coerced into subscribing to my blog, actually read the silly thing, perhaps, methinks, they have a misleading idea of who I am. I find that my ‘blogging has become a strange mixture of my fascination with the dark side of human nature (usually reserved for exploration in my works of fiction) and my emotional outlet (usually reserved for my Journal – and not for the prying eyes of the rest of judgemental humanity). I don’t know, I feel compelled to mention, what said ‘blog it started as, or was intended to be – a very different beast I suspect, though highly influenced by Cranky and his blurts, so maybe not.

Anyway, so here you go: Commentary Upon What Sort Of Person I Am

So don’t get me wrong – I am flattered that this maladjusted critic is making comment upon my little venture into self-reflection, rantage, and cyber-space. And I am even more flattered that dear Ms. Lores lists me amongst their favourite whingers (not that I think of myself as one, but the dear wifey frequently tells me I am, so there you go) – but I am really not sure how I feel about the fact that they seem to think that I am not so much funny as scary.

I don’t know what this (being scary) says about the fact that I generally go around with a smile on my face, actually hug trees (really, I’m not kidding), cry when I hit a deer on the highway, feel at peace and at one with nature when I am climbing on bare rock, and like to be barefoot more than just about anything… but fair enough… I do have thirteen young boys buried in my backyard.


You know I am only even aware of this because I got a “pingback” notification in my email, that Mr. Maladjusted had blogged a link to my own blog. So, coupled with the fact that I am becoming more aware of those (probably very few) strangers out there that read/have read my blog, this makes me realise that I really ought to get around (at least) wordpress and read (at least) a few other peoples blogs – which I currently do not at all engage in.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on June 3rd, 2009.

3 Responses to “Commentary…”

  1. Hell yeah you miserable bastard! Oh, I laughed so hard I think I wet myself. Ahhhhhh……

  2. Hey I’m even more flattered that you were so flattered by what I wrote that you wrote a response…

    As for the ‘scary’ comment – its only an opinion…don’t take it personally!

    Take it as a complicment…at least you aren’t boring!

  3. […] Art I like this one because the author is a bit of a misery guts (although he will probably contend this), and as you may have gathered, I enjoy reading the rantage of cranky […]

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