Les Miserables

It’s not often I actually go back and have a look at what I’ve tossed out into cyberspace. It’s not often that when I do go back and read it, I think anything other than huh, that’s not quite as crap as I thought… I do like that process, of separating oneself from one’s work (or drivel, or theraputic vomit, whatever) and then looking at it again sometime in the future… presonally I find it quite encouraging.

Anyway, tangents and all that. The point was that it is not often I go back, and end up feeling like I am (or have been) a negative, cynical, miserable little shit. Despite all indications to the contrary, I usually just see it and think ha ha, yeah, that’s about right. Yesterday, however, I really sat back and thought, wow, I am not sure that this is doing me any favours – perhaps it was just the lazy sunday morning, sitting in the sun, drinking coffee and reading a good book – that puts a pretty fucking positive cast on anything – how can it not.

Not that I don’t think that I can be an amusing fucker at times – if you subscribe to that particular “fuck the world, and myself along with it” aesthetic – but if I don’t start enjoying… well, that’s probably not the right word. I do enjoy life. But if I don’t start to be a bit positive, and somewhat more forgiving, a tad less judgemental, cynical, jaded, angry, intollerant… you get the idea… well, in the end I’m just going to end up a shrivelled little black lump of cancer sitting in the corner of a nursing home, cursing my loneliness.

But I suppose for the benefit of this little corner of the ‘net, putting a stop to being a miserable cunt, might be disasterous… so, on that note, I am going to go and find someone to tell to fuck off… with an optimistic grin.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on June 29th, 2009.

One Response to “Les Miserables”

  1. Personally I find cynicism and ‘moany’ really rather amusing. Although I do know people who are like that permenantly in ‘real’ life…and I must admit, after about an hour in their company I do usually feel like dashing my brains out on the nearest hard surface…

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