My Blood is Bruised and Borrowed…

Obscure references aside, my skin is crawling, my blood thick and dirty in my hardened veins. As if it is not enough to wake up with a hangover, and righteously blowing shit up in celebration of the demise of British sovereignty. Not enough even to wake up with said hangover and find a filthy little parasite attached to upper reaches of me left arse cheek. To top it all off, now comes the (apparently) indicative little (yet widening) circle of erythema chronicum migrans that points to the incubation of borrelia burgdorferisensu stricto within my tainted bloodstream.

Vomit. Am I a host body. Am I my own little version of The United States, full of resident aliens. I wonder if I should issue them with Alien Registration Numbers. I have one, why shouldn’t they?

Christ, I don’t even get anything cool and freaky from unwanted guests, like little toothy lizards beating their way free of my still living chest…


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on July 14th, 2009.

One Response to “My Blood is Bruised and Borrowed…”

  1. Ouch! borrelia…borreliosis…isn’t that Lyme Disease?! Yikes poor you!

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