Gross Generalisations.

Was sitting on the front porch in the late afternoon sun, musing on the hours of work I’d done, and perhaps it had, in the end, more to do, with the inhilation of illegal vegetable matter,

Than with the afterglow of physical exertion.

In any case, having these drawn out, tangential little insights about Life, The Universe, and Everything… and all that, as ya do… enjoying the sun, the surrounding acreage, wildflowers, bees… and all that, as ya do, if you’re lucky… now and then…

Got to mhusing on interactions with people, and how strange it really is when you consider someone else’s life experiences… I mean, people are strange and all that, but to actually look at all the people surrounding that weirdo that you somehow cross paths with, and think about how all their oddball behaviours have shaped that certain weirdo into the weirdo that they are… and how over time that weirdo rubs off on you (to even the most infinitesimal degree)… for whatever reason this puts me in mind of the whole Moving Towards Complexity theory, whatshishead goes on about in Shantaram… and then how much stranger it is thinking of this vast human virus, all of us mutating one another, here and there, back and forth…

And how easy it would really be for people to actually see the effects we have on each other, and how they are all essentially shared experience, which makes us all the fucking same (ignoring gross generalisations and stereotypes and whatnots), and actually, maybe, perhaps be able to understand one another, instead of hating each other, and you know, starting wars, or stealing the ice-cream straight from the sticky fingers of a joyful child, or any of that silly shit…

And then, you know, you think about all the fucking morons out there who are to concerned with their own miserable little lives, to even begin thinking about why other people are the way they are, or do the things they do, and so they are going go on thinking of Palestinian suicide bombers as terrorists, pointing fingers, making fun of New Zealanders for their great love of sheep, or their accent, making ignorant comments about black Presidents in good white countries and all that…

Fuck ’em, just don’t understand these people…


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on July 20th, 2009.

2 Responses to “Gross Generalisations.”

  1. I saw some grafitti once that said, “If you can’t see it, step back to gain perspective, then look again.”
    I think people don’t do this enough. Otherwise, you’re quite right, we’d notice the fact that all experience is essentially shared experience, and negativity in the world generally stems from lack of willingness to engage in empathy.

    Also, kiwi girls have the cutest accents! 🙂

  2. Yeah, they are pretty cute. They’re also ripe for taking the piss out of… eh broo? You don’t heppen to hev a bucket or a hoose do you?

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