Understanding the road to Enlightenment.

Ha ha ha, that was yesterday… oh I do make myself laugh sometimes.

Today the blistering reality of human beings is forced home, like a long splinter driven beneath the nail of my conscious. People make me fucking sick… somtimes… and, well, sometimes people just don’t fucking deserve any understanding…

Use your fucking brains you lazy fat fucks, driving around in your obscenely oversized vehicles, the gelatenous mass of your guts hanging so far over your belts, it cannot even be certain you’re wearing one. All the while stuffing greasy, sugary handfuls of unrecognisable solids, grown in a vat somewhere in the outer reaches of the Ronald Macdonald Head Nebula, into the slack gap between your slobbering jowls.

So fucking oblivious to the pain your own bodies are in, themselves a mask for the pain in your souls, that there’s absolutely fuck-all chance of you considering the pain the fucking planet is in, let alone doing something about it. Why make the effort of thinking, when it would detract from the amount of time you have to spend pumping the air full of particulate matter, running over the local fauna (if you’re not already shooting the bloody things with your HUGE-FUCK-OFF-MACHINE-GUNS), and throwing your empty 300 oz. buckets of Soda out the window.


Had a good day today huh? Apart from being a riotously good time, and a gateweay to love and enlightenment, it seems that the consumption of afore mentioned illegal vegetable matter is also a fast track to a short fuse. You take the good with the bad I guess. I love you all, and see clearly the interweaving of every living creature in the universe… except you ignorant, fat, lazy, cunts that ought to make the rest of us ashamed to be considered human beings…


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on July 22nd, 2009.

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