And here I was thinking that I was the financially irresponsible one in this relationship…

Home… it is an odd experience. I have not really been away that long, three rapid months, and though Auld Reekie is as familiar as ever, it feels very alien at the moment as well… Or perhaps I am what feels alien… fuck I have an official Alien Registration Number, so why not?

I am wasted, the result of several late, intoxicated nights leading up to a disgustingly long day of flights, airports, lightening storms, and runway delays. And after a 16 hour sleep, I still feel fucked up. Add to this that fucking horrible situation of having to find a job, and being near penniless, having just enough money (I thought) for rent, bills, the odd meal, and a bed when we go away for a few days at the end of the month…

Like I am a financially relaxed person to begin with…

So glad to be back.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on July 31st, 2009.

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