mmmMonica Bellucci

I’ve said it afore and, no doubt, I’ll think it again… People really are fucking amazing creatures… I pretend not to be any great analyst, nor even a particularly competent thinker most of the time, but I do love to ponder the vast black gulf that stretches between one person’s thought processes and another’s…

Here I am, sitting in one of these anonymously crowded public places, reading “news” articles about Monica Bellucci not being as empty-headed as one might think (well you can’t blame a bloke can you? She’s pretty much the bees knees of European beauty), and pretending that I am here actually getting some work done on one of my various writing projects… yeah yeah, I’ll get there… it’ll only take an hour or two of procrastinating to get started…

I choose these places so I don’t fall victim to all the distractions of trying to work at home… you know, making food I’m not hungry for… cleaning the toilet… etc. And, of course, being the grand zen-master of not doing what I came to do, I get more and more distracted by the cafe, the longer I sit here. So now, after a good hour of Monica’s shapely… er… thought processes, and dodgy, bugged-out free internet, when I finally get down to it… or at least, down to this… along comes Mr. Inexplicable and sits at the table next to my couch…

Now, call me dim, call me narrow in my scope of understanding, but for the life of me, I cannae work out why the hell a bloke would chose to sit at the seat that not only does not afford him the better view (he’s facing a fucking blank wall), but is also far more cramped than the seat on the other side of his table, and his elbow is scant inches away from my earlobe… perhaps I’m just too perplexed to get it, or maybe it’s the fact that people (as I said) are amazing in the scope of their thoughts…

Or mayhaps I just be so deafened by his high volume chattering into his mobile phone, that I cannae hear the thoughts that explain why cramped, boring, close-proximity seating is preferable to spacious, comfortable, visual stimulation…

Or, then again, perhaps I’m just daft… yeah that could be it.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on August 10th, 2009.

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