He’s going for distance…

I saw Neil Gaiman the other day… not walking down the street, but talking, reading, talking at the Edinburgh Book Festival – which one of my co-workers informed me, is an incredibly geeky thing to go to. No walking down the street would have been nice… I might have been able to stop him and take him for a coffee, and suck out endless anecdotes and bits of advice about being a writer. Hey, I’ll take all the inspiration I can get…

He looked a little too much like Dylan Moran – well from a mild distance, and without my glasses at least – for me to not be waiting for him too make some cynical comment, rather than just appreciating how down to earth and humble he seemd…

I forget what the point I was going to make about the whole experience now… it was going to be a good one, I assure you. At any rate, I have been furiously tapping away at my keyboard ever since, and in my typical fashion, have written some pretty good wee sentences – if I do say so myself.

The problem is, however, that I have a couple of things, bits of writing, on the go, that I sem unable to keep working on. Every thing I do lately seems to be something new… and while this is not a bad thing ,and while they are managing to be relatively complete, I am faced with that old problem of mine, that I start something (something longish) which I thin has merit, which I know could be really fucking good actually, and I never get around to finishing it. I seem to be quite good at sitting there in the moment and spewing something out, and as long as it is short enough to inish in one go, it all turns out ok. But all my “real” stories are left to gather dust (metaphorically speaking of course, as they are all stored on a fucking hard drive).

And I wonder if this is commonplace amongst would be writers, or am I a sad little creature, unable to commit to the long haul? Is my endless work at improving myself, and being self-reflective, and all that, taking up my seemingly limited ability to go the distance?


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on August 21st, 2009.

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