Absence, Absynth, and Momentous Occasions.

Ok, ok, so Absynth has nothing to do with the whole situation whatsoever, but it sounded good at the time… as in a few seconds ago.

Anyway, as anyone has probably failed to notice, there have been absences recently… absence from cyber-hell, absence from Scotland-hell… during which times, there have been some momentous happenings – at least in my minor little universe. Let’s go backwards shall we?

Right, so Friday morning (as the facebook whores might have already read), I was hoeing garden beds in the beautiful Scottish summer… er… I mean the pissing rain… er… yes, that. A stark contrast to Thursday that was spent wandering the lovely streets of Cagliari, sipping coffee on shady little terrazzas, overlooking the sparkling meditterranean… in a wave of comfort some 25 fucking degrees warmer than Friday had to offer… Welcome home, says Davva…

The momentous bit being, I am brown (as opposed to pale blue), as I bloody well should be, for the first time in several years… I feel like a human again. That whole far North pale blue bit, it kind of makes you feel like you were grown in a vat somewhere, beneath the healthy glow of flourescent lights, and are not really meant to be out of doors… ick. I have rediscovered the bliss of living in a real climate, of eating the universes greatest pizza (really, I am NOT fucking kidding), of swimming in water that no doubt puts God’s private beach to shame… it’s too good, or at least it was… Now I learn to appreciate the joys of multiple layers of clothing again… which strangely, now that I have had a recharge of the good life, I am actually finding easier than I have in yonks.

Ok, so back a bit further… Paris… Rock en Seine… Faith No More, and a seamingly mostly uninterested French crowd – apart from those fuck knuckles who think that trying to start a mosh is best acheived through grievous bodily harm – perhaps they spent all there energy on going absolutely berko to The Offspring… go figure… bloody strange.

And a bit further… Edinbrugh… Corn Exchange… Faith No fucking More!!! Lost none of their edge, none of their energy, amusement, lunacy… the list goes on. Best gig in years – honestly, even disregarding the fact that I am such a fanboy – fucking amazing… but I am left with the question:

What, exactly, constitutes a good gig?

We pondered this on our way home… the over riding opinion being that if you have wrung a litre of sweat out of your shirt, and are borderline deaf, then it must have been pretty fucking good…

On the other hand… a good number of the other fuckers at the show(s) seemed to think that the mark of an amazing gig is how many photo’s you manage to snap on your fucking phone… clearly so when you wake up tomorrow you can have some record of having been there… because no doubt the amount of attention you paid to getting good angles for the fucking pictures will have rendered you mind blank of any actual memories of the band… fucking arseholes…

This is all a bit outdated however… I think in fact I actually wrote this bollocks well over a month ago, and never posted it…


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on October 15th, 2009.

2 Responses to “Absence, Absynth, and Momentous Occasions.”

  1. Good to have you back. Damn derro’s. Still whatever rocks their boat, their loss anyway. I understand to urge to share, but if you don’t allow yourself to actually experience something, then what’s the bloody point.

    I loved your description of being bred in a vat and not feeling as though you belong outdoors. Classic!

  2. […] a wee rant about this post-FNM at the Corn Exchange, but somehow got distracted – possibly by Absence and Absynthe and all that – actually, in fact, I just had a wee look, and it seems I did have a wee rant about it back […]

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