Further adventures in absentia…

So well, things have been happening haven’t they… as they are wont to do, while the majority of us are not paying any attention whatsoever…

I have exited the tardises (tardi?) of the espresso world… and let’s face it, for any self-respecting barista, this is a clever move. As much as I like the old shysters who run the network, the coffee ain’t exactly high class… in keeping with the equipment, the hygiene levels, in fact the whole show really…

I have managed to weasel my way into Artisan Roast, The Best Cafe In The Universe. I have rediscovered the benefits to one’s well being of actually learning things… fantastic.

It is, as usual, at this point in the proceedings that I have become somewhat distracted by other nonsense, and have lost track of where I was going. That being the case, I will move on to the good old Land of Hypocrisy…

So apparently my lack of commitment to the United Snakes of America (i.e. working outwith the country), has rendered me ineligible for naturalisation… perhaps this is some kind of karmic slap in the face, as a result of that fact that I don’t really give a shit about the US, just want to be able to come and go as I please… maybe I need to develop a great patriotic love of all things yank…

Or maybe it’s just the Dept. of Homeland Security keeping tabs on my every move, thought, action, and deciding that I have not yet been indoctrinated enough to warrant being allowed in for good… yeah that’d be it.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on October 19th, 2009.

One Response to “Further adventures in absentia…”

  1. Na mate, it’s none of the above. You’re just not good enough for them. I know it’s harsh, but someone’s gotta tell ya the truth. I still love ya an’ all, but you know, they can’t just let anyone in. You’ve got to prove your value, you know, like Rupert.

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