Head Creeps

In long waves it makes it’s way to the shore of sleep. Is that the shore upon which one finds sleep, or emerges from it? Who can tell? That’s like asking if this is reality or a dream, and if so, is it my dream or someone else’s? There is no knowing, and there is no escaping from this caffeine fueled nightmare.

Yes, thinks the theme, recurring too often, I am being overused, abused, and then neglected. Nowhere is the respect I deserve… but here ideas wallow in their own misery, loneliness. For here, in fact is precisely where the respect is, where the love is, where the obsession is.

It all comes down to coffee… and the need to pee.

Yes, yes it’s true, the confusion continues… but that’s ok. A healthy dose of ambiguity, nonsense, idiocy is the life blood of the fool… which nearly I am.



~ by Gethin A. Lynes on November 7th, 2009.

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