Truth, Blood

Caffeine caffeine caffeine CAFFEINE…

Of course it could be the craving for nicotine as well this morning that applies this pressure inside my skull, that blankets the world in a fog of irritability and poor quality of thought. It could be the shitty night’s sleep, or it could be something else entirely… suffice it to say that I was full of it last night, this motivation and inspiration, drunk on progress, energised by the bright night, delight of the full moon…

Perhaps I went through some strange metamorphosis in those hours I lay awake, or thought I did, in the pale lunar light, and prowled the world in the bony wee hours, feeding upon the pleasure of others, a tom, peeping in the windows of the unwary, and drooling upon the sill. And all the while, I think to myself, of these hours unable to sleep, staring at the blank wall, shifting, sweating, listening to the soft rhythmic breathing next to me, dreaming of blood and sex and swamps, and looking for something to come and change it all, to feed upon me, to drink this mix of foolery and wisdom, consciousness and ignorance, bigotry and love.

And if it makes no sense to them who would make of it all a heady drink, a sustenance, then they have nought but themselves to blame, for no one thinks to ask before if they are going to like what they take. If anyone bothered to ask, I’d put up my arms and shrug, and say: I have no fucking idea what I am talking about.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on November 7th, 2009.

One Response to “Truth, Blood”

  1. YEess. Got a fever or sommin’ huh. No, but seriously folks, I did like ‘bony wee hours’. A very strange metaphor indeed. But dammit man, I’m with you on the creative change occurring overnight. It is really very common for me to feel all over that shit in the little while before bed, and then in the morning I’m as confused as ever.

    I think it might have something to do with the lack of anxiety just before bed, when you are not actually expecting anything from yourself, as you are about to go to bed/have gone to bed. I really really want some form of plug in for my head. If I could record my late night thoughts in some sort of ordered, bugger that, even unordered, form, that would, like, totally rule!!!

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