Leaving the seat up…

To paraphrase some funny bastard whose name currently escapes me, there is a massive gulf in the male/female understanding of the nature of being a man.

We NEED to have sex. It is not something we just want, and like a petulant child, can’t get over, it is something essential to our physiological sanity. Now if, being female, you can’t really understand the predicament, imagine it in terms of having to negotiate with the toilet every time you need a piss.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on December 5th, 2009.

2 Responses to “Leaving the seat up…”

  1. But you don’t NEED to use a toilet to have a piss. You can piss your own drawers if you really want to. Not nice, but it’s an alternative…

    Likewise a man does not NEED to have have sex – there are alternatives…

  2. I hesitate to refer to the latter part of that comment as a typically female response, but…

    At any rate, you have a point. One don’t NEED to piss in the loo. In fact, I much prefer pissing in the woods, where I have so much freedom I don’t even have to think about it, and can enjoy the serenity of my surrounding, or even my communing with the great spirit and all that. Read into that what you will.

    As far as men not needing to have sex, well that’s like saying that you don’t need to drive… which of course you don’t, but by the time you get to the beach, it’s time to turn around and come home… no swim for me…

    Of course I could leave a lot earlier, but well, it just ain’t that same is it… think I pretty much still stick with my earlier assertion. We just don’t feel the love without it… no matter what the nice, sensitive, new age, tantric, monkish population will have you believe (or the priesthood for that matter).

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