Close, Personal, Acquaintances…

Now, far be it from me to judge a person for wallowing in their own bullshit, I am after all, a master of the craft… and, well, I suppose it isn’t very fair to condemn a person for trying to withdraw from their self-loathing… again, a master of self-medicated flight from the clash between my delusions and realities…

If, however, one is going to shy away from life, and (rather than taking the, at least more sociable, option of drugging oneself into believing that all is well and good) insists on hiding oneself away from the world for fear of the discomfort that comes with the falsities of social pleasantries1, then at least have the balls, and the decency, to stay hidden away… and spare the rest of the world the subjection to these indulgent fucking oddities…

But no, impossible isn’t it… rather than having the courage of one’s convictions, and getting all zen and solitary, it is impossible to resist the yearning for the touch of others of one’s species… and yet, unable to process even the most simple of human expressions, we get the interjection of this plethora of social networking sites between the self and those who are no longer able to process the painfully obvious social discomfort sufficiently to call themselves one’s friends, but have become instead close, personal, acquaintances.

The problem is, with these little laptops filtering out all sense of intimacy (other than some delusional, voyeuristic, cyber-affairs), we are left only with the emotionless broadcasting of self-indulgent poetry and observations about musical gods and the nature of reality…

Really, if you’re not willing to share your thoughts with “real people”, use a fucking diary or something, not a public forum. If you’re not comfortable with yourself, how the fuck are the rest of us going to be comfortable with you. If you don’t want to be looked at, you don’t go out in public, so if you don’t want to be misunderstood, unplug your fucking computer, and stop blabbering your obscenely unintelligible poetic inanities at the world. Take the microphone, get on stage, or stand in the corner and shut the fuck up.

1 – And we all know how much bloody good hiding from society is going to do you, when the problem to begin with is feeling uncomfortable in the company of more than one other person… unless said company happens to be a few similarly afflicted people who, while they don’t necessarily share your lack of ability to engage with other human beings, are strange and fucked up in their own right, and thus quell the panic that comes from having to look too many people in the eye in a short span of time…


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on May 22nd, 2010.

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