I am reminded of Fuzznut day, which ain’t gonna mean a damned thing to anyone but me, but it runs a little something like this (and it’s LOUD):
“Happy Fuzznut Day everyone, do you know it’s Fuzznut Day, had everyone had their Fuzznut today?”
Everyone’s got to be heard don’t they? Hey I’m all for it. Go and say something, say it big, splattered your brains, loves, beliefs across the wall, over a newspaper, a novel, poem, fucking comic strip, whatever takes your fancy!
It ain’t the providence of Americans, but like so much else, they’ve perfected it. Go and say what you got to say, but fucking do it somewhere worthwhile. Here, in this quiet little corner of the universe, where everyone is dreaming, reading, listening to the birds, CHILLING… Shut. The. Fuck. Up. You fat, inconsiderate, obnoxious, twat!


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on July 25th, 2010.

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