Eating twigs.

I am all for smartphones – I have developed a potentially unhealthy love for mine – In fact, I have turned into one of those phone wankers that I have traditionally taken the piss out of.
The point though, is that mobile connectivity is great. No more need to use our fucking brain, or know how to use a real map, or remember where we were going, or who we were fucking going to meet. It may, as remains to be seen, contribute to the devolution of the human brain (as if it were really that evolved to begin with), but hey fuck it, who gives a shit. Not I. I am far to busy checking my Farcebook status, or twattering with my “friends”.
The problem then lies, not in the connectivity itself, but in what happens when we FUCKING LOSE IT!!! My God, what am I going to do with myself? Reduced to relying on wi-fi hotspots? That’s fucking inhuman. Forget running around the woods, making fire and eating twigs. No more wandering the neighbourhood whilst watching mobile porn, or reruns of The Wire on 3.7 inches of visual indulgence? Staying put in some chain coffee house, pretending to drink what the try to convince us is coffee, trying to shut out the screaming inanity of the patrons of the “gourmet coffee” world? Staying at home and using the broadband, faced with the daily, depressing realities of living in someone else’s house?
Well, at least I’m not paying £7.00/mb data roaming…


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on August 6th, 2010.

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