Overthrowing Mao.

It’s a catch twenty-two ain’t it, a stalemate, a vicious circle? Damned if you do, and bloody-well damned if you don’t. It goes like this:
It is too often the case that I get bogged down in plotting. No, not the I-am-going-to-overthrow-Chairman Mao kind of plotting. The kind in which a struggling wordsmith attempts to puzzle out how his (this is me, so not bothering with the he/she, let’s keep everyone feeling included nonsense) story is going to start, unfold, finish. I think too much about a story, and end up feeling like I have overthunk the whole thing, and killed off any of the magic, the inspiration of the initial idea/image/sentence. I feel like I really ought to just sit down and write, to let the words flow out, and stop being so cranial about the whole thing.
Unfortunately, more often than not – indeed pretty much all the time – I find that that tactic winds up in writing oneself into a deep, dark hole in which it becomes impossible to see where one is going… everything grinds to a halt… and thus, back to the plotting…


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on August 7th, 2010.

One Response to “Overthrowing Mao.”

  1. Aaahhh, the eternal conundrum……

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