Smee again…

In the course of my occasional (and generally inadequate) attempts to keep abreast of what is going on in the world of graphically interpreted literature (er, comics), I recently came across a wonderfully flawed and self-indulgent ranting bit of drivel by Kansas City comics scribe Jason Aaron.

Now I make no claims, when it comes to commenting on someone else’s rant, to have a leg to stand on when:

1 – I am rather wont to have a good rant myself, and

2 – I am equally as fond (as Mr Aaron clearly is) of telling people to Goan Fuck Yourself!, and

3 – I am neither a published comics writer, nor do I get paid to write a lovely little column, all about me and my opinions, with which to fuel my ego and feelings of self worth.

However, it is pretty clear that, despite all his success and industry acclaim, not to mention the fact that he GETS PAID FOR HIS OPINIONS, which ought to have given him a rock solid foundation of self confidence, Mr Aaron is actually full of self-doubt, and a little bit upset by being (supposedly, but actually not) insulted by one of his long standing idols. All of which is evidenced by Aaron’s defensive and abusive retort to a statement made by Alan Moore, that had NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM… at least not directly.

In fact Alan Moore, despite being perhaps a little arrogant and making claims as to the dearth of talent working in the comics industry today (which no doubt is accurate, given that Moore himself ain’t doing much work himself these days – and let’s face it, Moore is pretty much the only talent ever to work in the comics industry, aren’t you Alan?), actually made quite an astute statement, and a criticism which ought to be made by more talented writers and artists, and made more vocally, and taken on board as a general alteration to the modus operandi of the comics industry (not to mention the film industry, which is a far bigger culprit, but that’s another rant altogether).

While you have to take anything Alan Moore says with a grain of salt, him being not only rather impressed with himself, but also a cantankerous old fucker, the fact that he was bemoaning the constant attempt to rehash his old works and have some of the “new, top-tier talent” write prequels, sequels and fucking requels, rather than coming up with their own fucking ideas, is something he ought to be praised for, not told to go and fuck himself by someone who apparently thinks of himself as one of said “top-tier talents”, and thus a little bit injured by Moore’s assertion that there is not only no top-tier, but barely even a bottom-tier.

Now, not that I think that Mr Jason Aaron is ever likely to come across this humble little blog post, nor if he does do I think it likely that he is going to be able to see past his own sanctimony to be able to read between the lines and see that there is something worthwhile in what old Moore has to say on the subject, but:


Aaron, get over yourself mate. Moore’s comments were neither directed at you personally, nor commented upon your talent or lack their of, but rather made a statement on the trend to attempt a cash in on old work, rather than taking a punt on something new and exciting. If you are unable to read such publicly expressed opinions and realise that they have nothing to do with you (evidenced by the fact that they go nowhere near acknowledging your existence), and even if they did, are merely an opinion and one that you neither need to credit nor to take on board, then you ought not to be in a position in which you are putting yourself out there in the world. And if you are unable to see the wisdom in not letting other people’s opinions get you down, and persist in writing things for the world to read and then getting defensive and abusive, perhaps you ought to “go fuck yourself”.


Having said that, I quite like Mr Aaron’s writing, or the bits of it that I have read, and would by no means demean his talents by demoting them to the “bottom-tier”…



~ by Gethin A. Lynes on January 7th, 2011.

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