John Wilkes Booth, Peak Oil, and the Dalai Lama.

Hahaha, this is absolutely fucking classic…

One of my favourite bits about the wee blog stats box that WordPress kindly provides, without me actually having to lift a bloody finger – literally, don’t even have to click the mouse button, either mouse button, it’s just there – is the little bit at the bottom of said box, that makes note of the top search terms that have led those poor unsuspecting and innocent little web-surfers into the depths of my nonsense, where no doubt they have wasted a lot of precious time… or at least six and a half seconds.

One of the most interesting and, for that matter, common ones that comes up, is Michael Grimm-Foxen… hardly surprising given the number of times the prick’s nose has quite obviously been broken. Now most people (myself included, though barely) are restrained enough not to smash someone in the snotter when they are insulted, manhandled, spittle-showered, screamed at, and otherwise generally abused. That being the case, there must have been a hell of a lot of people who have been subjected to such treatment, given that at least three of those people (based on the obvious breaks) and possibly as many as six (based on the ambiguous misshapen spots) have smacked him square in his olfactory protuberance, and likely in direct forceful proportion to how much of a cunt he was. (No offence intended to those in possession of said item of genitalia – which is lovely, by the way – as opposed to Grimm, who is, well, pretty grim).

So, not surprising really, that a great number of people are looking him up on the net, no doubt looking for exactly the sort of things with which he might well accused me of libel – he’d lose though, for as much as I might be disseminating a few nasty things about the man, I am not technically damagingly misrepresenting him. It is all a quite factual, and accurate representation, I assure you.

Anyway, the most recent one, the top search of the past week, is: happy heroin.

Happy. Heroin. Hmmm…

Well, I guess there’s never a frown, is there, Golden Brown?


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on February 15th, 2011.

One Response to “John Wilkes Booth, Peak Oil, and the Dalai Lama.”

  1. Hi, I have just pissed myself laughing at your blog about Grimm Foxen. I worked for him at Real Foods head office in 1988-89. Everything you say is true. He was a tyrant. I was lucky, he liked me. He even came to my leaving party then became very loose tongued and told me about his heroin escapades!(Amongst other things!) Factual. Anyway, you were right, I was searching Grimms name and came across your blog. I was just wondering where he was now. By reading your blog I can see he hasn’t changed one bit. lol

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