Lowest Common DenomiiNator

Well, things are, as they say, afoot.

After two glorious (no, really) weeks of “training” at iiNet – let’s face it, the process of instruction designed for the lowest common denominator to be able to keep abreast of what the fuck is going on, pretty much leaves the rest of us in a state of mild catatonia while we try to keep abreast of just how fucking low that common denominator is – and after a single week of cubicle-encased ennui, replete with head-sets and dual-monitored International Business Machines, spent plodding through endless queries about why the internet gets cut off if you don’t pay your bill… ok that’s not entirely fair, I have had a few lovely chats with some old dears in northern Queensland and Griffith (I know right? They have phones in Griffith now. Amazing) who wondered what was this internet thingy everyone was always on about, and could they have some.

Anyway, after all this telephonic delight am moving on, and like my dear friend Butler, am off to be embark upon a career as a petty bureaucrat. You know I don’t know why I just inserted the above hyper-link to Butler’s blog, as he seems to have abandoned it, and anyway, the prick never linked any fucker to my blog now did he?

Um… you know… I just got completely distracted by far off friends on g-chat (still haven’t learnt to set myself as offline whilst working) and now I have no fucking idea where I was going from here. I’m sure it involved something with having wasted 5 months of downtime, and the troubles with balancing writing and work, and the ego-boost of having the editor-in-chief of the new magazine I have been conscripted into providing for telling me she can find nothing that’s needs alterationing with my work (not, apparently that I need any help in lacking humility, but that’s something for a whole other little bout of self-deprecating absurdity)…

And on that note, I reckon I’ll just leave it there.

Look, before I go, I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I am trying to give iiNet a bad name, and I am not a great fan (most of the time) of bridge burning. The folks over there are really a lovely bunch, they have a pretty good ethos, and in comparison to most of the other big corporate suckers of Satan’s cock out there, well, they probably only ever give it a bit of a kiss… and maybe a tentative fondling of his sac or something… just so they feel included… they’re nice… you should like them… they’ll treat you good… they might even help you out with a wee fondle…


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on May 26th, 2011.

6 Responses to “Lowest Common DenomiiNator”

  1. Glad to hear they went down well matey. You’re a bloody legend, eh?!

  2. Looking at that sitting there on screen, it looks a little sarcastic. ‘Twas not meant to be, not at all. Salutes to you!

  3. No pun intended at all. Not sure I even see a pun, unless of course you imply a water well type of well.

  4. Playing with Satan’s willy… they went down… ha ha ha and all that.

  5. Yaha! Ok, yes, well, a fair question from you then. And, as no doubt you’ve guessed, no pun intended. At all. Really. Truly. Fair dinkum even.

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