1. It’s Thursday.

2. There’s something about cyclists that’s… well… I was going to say suspicious, but that’s not really it. There’s just something slightly wrong about all this prancing around in brightly coloured, brand-named lycra. I know I know, it’s apparently where the comfort is at for peddling about the place. I couldn’t say: I haven’t worn it: you wouldn’t catch me dead in head to toe lycra. But comfort aside, why the need to get in a uniform to exercise? There’s no team, there’s no opposing team, there’s no need to be distinguished from everyone else… oh, wait… they’re not distinguishing themselves are they? They’re blending in… ok, ok… I’ll lay off… But come on, I’ll give you the tight little bum-defining shorts, but why the brand names? Why?

3. I am a victim of (not so) clever (but pervasive) marketing campaigns.

4. Ah, brand names.

5. I realise it is all the rage to have your cafe’s menus on blackboards (oh, sorry, chalkboards – apparently “blackboard” has gone the way of any physical contact whatsoever between a teacher and student) replete with trendy art-school handwriting and all, and well, to be honest, I am quite partial to said trend, but I also understand the decision to not succumb to peer pressure. However, those (black) boards where you stick on the little white letters just smacks of caffeterias. Really.

6. Eating slightly too much, having a few beers, and going to bed a little too late actually results in feeling better in the morning than being healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

7. Mmm Sushi.


~ by Gethin A. Lynes on June 16th, 2011.

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