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Liberties have been taken with punctuation:



Miserable Cunt Scots.

Blahblahblahblahblahblah, almost.

Pubic hair donkeys fuck bent steel art.

Fuck hummer belly song.

The summation.

Art, when you feel something lying on the bed beside you, when you are drifting off to sleep, and there is nothing really.

There what?

There was movement at the station.

Who makes life difficult?

Reflection? On defining myself?

Gag reflex.

I love my life as a dickhead.

Words. Chastity. Blog. Secrets of afar. You can be handcuffed.

While in a holding cell, Nazi USSR pact breakdown.

Actually, in print it’s libel, Foxen.

Enduring ideas in art, bespectacled art. History, dickhead. Before diagnosing depression make sure you are not surrounded by assholes, defecation.

Quattuor Dies.

Arse in hand. Nihilistic Art, 2007. Fucking aggravating, the nihilist.

Blueflame Special, The Enduring Asylum.

Kafka. Fucking. Sucks.


Arts life as a dickhead. Fucking theme: enduring brain.

Before you diagnose William Gibson from Begbie, fuck ground.

Live my life as a dickhead, cock sucking in Perth.

Real Foods. Michael Grimm Foxen, overgrown penis.

Sucking William Gibson before you diagnose the reasons that art endures.

Surrounded, William Gibson relos swath. Narkish, despair.

.com emotional turmoil, elip. Art fle, Pint fle.

What did Willy Nelson say? Lovemachines? Miserable fucking Scots? What does the blue flame special refer to? Who the fuck? Wiggey Wiggey?

Michael Grimm Foxen charged for stuff abuse, please make sure you are not in fact surrounded by cunts. Blow Real Foods Michael Foxen, Michel Grimm Foxen, before you siagnose yourself with low self esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, surrounded by arse.

Almost. Sweet Talk. Cum. Cock Suck, Perth, Yes? Tommy, proper fucked. Twinge of guilt? Hockey sluts, Dalai Lama.

On peak oil, Christpher Lambert: I deserve a reward.

Faith No More: Nazi-Soviet non-aggression.

Adages about guilt: proper fucked, proper fucked, Tommy Addams, that’s it.

Thing-smee acronym. Sucking corporate cock, fuck the Scots. Smee. Again. Goan and fuck yourself.

Mmmmmonica Bellucci, she mile fucking, man. Preconcieved art. Happy Heroin. Was Hank Moody using?

What? Kind of typewriter what?

The difference between enduring and putting up with something is defamation. Possibly. Impossible. Puzzle?

Michael Foxen. Michael Foxen. MICHAEL GRIMM FOXEN! Jason Aaron.

He’s going for distance, deserves a reward, quotes ‘enduring art’.

Scots are full of shit.

Amusing libel, not in print.

Smee again, go and fuck yourself, fuck scots, Thom Yorke, Michael Foxen, Real Foods, old fucking cunts, faith.

No More. Sometimes people carry to such perfection the mask they have assumed that in due course they actually become the person fucking old mass: Michael Grimm Foxen.


Michael Foxen: Love My Life As A Dickhead. Edinburgh.

Fuck Bob Dylan.

No gag reflex, cum. Procrastinatium.

Photos that make you feel like enduring Real Foods, William Gibson, low self esteem, donkeys fucking, Charlotte, fucking Scots, Edinburgh.

In print, it’s libel. Ideas? I deserve a reward, truth.

Blood, hand up arse, surrounded by asshole.

Smee again, miserable Scots.

Enduring Art. Gethin Lynes. Michael Foxen. Banalus.

Michael Foxen.

Michael Grimm Foxen.



~ by Gethin A. Lynes on February 8th, 2012.

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