And The Point is?

Enduring Art is an unintentional bit of plagiarism. I encourage everyone to go out and misinterpret song lyrics, and thereby make claim to something they didn’t precisely come up with. And it’s a fitting title for a bunch of unoriginal and largely uninformed ranting. I am not putting up with the sound of my own voice, so to speak, you are. I’m just a grossly self-indulgent prick, who likes to inflict his conceit on anyone stupid enough to stick around and be subjected to it.

It began as a shameless leap onto the back of the bandwagon, and to be honest, a replacement for real writing, which for a long time I was simply too fucked in the head to manage. Mouthing off at the world around me though, well… competely different story.

I tried to style this whole thing as a general slurping on pop-culture’s hairy sack of magic. But I merely blunder my way about the wretched, under-furnished halls of the weblog bordello, where writers who are too craven to be writers, come to pretend that really are being writers…

That’s all bullshit. This is quite simply a vehicle for railing at my own inadequacies as a writer and human being, and for delivering (completely unsubstantiated) rants at… well… pretty much anyone or anything.

Despite the vitriol, I really do like people, or, at least, I thought I did. But more and more, I begin to suspect that my intolerance for arseholes, and my belief that the world is largely populated by them, is taking over my brain.

If I was not so obsessed with cheap and easy gratification, I’d probably just stick to writing fiction, and I’d probably get a fuckload more of it done… alas, I has never been known for doing what is (almost certainly) in my own best interests.


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